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Field Trips 

Field trips include a tour of the facilities ranging from current crops, aquaponics system, hope & healing garden, and vermicomposting and composting operations. In addition, students will participate in different stations throughout the Children's Learning Garden that may include sifting compost, planting, harvesting, watering, making a fresh garden snack, and feeding the farm's worms and fish. In addition, trips can be tailored to explore specific interests and needs of the group.

The farm is open for field trips between 8:30AM and 6:30PM on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Trips last between 1-1 1/2 hours, depending on grade level and group needs. Bathroom facilities are available on site, but water is limited, so please bring your own water bottle. Field trips are $3/per student (chaperones & teachers are free) or $20/group for groups scheduling 3 or more field trips within the calendar year. Ages 3 and up are welcome!


Dates fill up quickly, so be sure to book at least a month in advance. Use the form below or contact to plan your trip.

Growing Oshkosh's Urban Farm and Children's Learning Garden is open for field trips from May-October each year. School and community groups interested in learning more about gardening,organic farming practices, and nature are welcome to participate in our hands-on learning facility. We offer a wide variety of programs that aim to get visitors learning about food, how it grows, what it tastes like, and how it connects individuals to nature.


In addition to field trip offerings, group farm tours are offered year round by request. Visitors will experience all aspects of the farm, and will learn about a seasonal topic, such as winter growing, biodiversity in crops, crop rotation, or pest management. Groups may request a specific topic be covered during their tour. Cost is $3/per person, with a minimum of five individuals per tour. Use the form below or contact us at to schedule your tour. 

Field Trip & Tour Form

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