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In addition to our vibrant school partners, Growing Oshkosh is committed to helping all organizations where children are present build gardens. We have begun working with Preschools and Child Care Centers in the Oshkosh area. If you are interested in bringing gardens to your organization, please contact

Photos coming soon!

Arts for Kids Child Care Center

Arts for Kids began their partnership with Growing Oshkosh in 2015.  They currently have a large raised bed for vegetables and a small bed for native perennials. Students help care for the gardens by planting seeds, watering, and harvesting. In addition, other activities such as pollinator and flower observation allow students to fully explore the life in their gardens.


Davis Child Care Center

Five hexagon raised beds were built at Davis in the spring of 2016. These gardens were cared for by their students through planting, watering, harvesting, and fall clean-up. Students also made art projects from the plant parts in their garden and played vegetable recognition games. The produce grown in the raised beds was used in student lunches and given away for families to take home.

UW Oshkosh Children's Learning and Care Center

A project in motion, UW Oshkosh's Children's Learning and Care center has plans to add raised beds to their playground area once its construction is completed. Currently, every classroom has a container garden with plants ranging from lettuce to spinach to various herbs.


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