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On June 15, 2012—in partnership with Becket’s Restaurant, the Women’s Fund of the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation, and the Hooper Community Center—the dream of creating a local, sustainable, Oshkosh-based urban farm and garden became reality with the incorporation of Growing Oshkosh, Inc. The seeds for Growing Oshkosh, Inc. (GO) were sown years ago when Will Allen, author of The Good Food Revolution and Founder/CEO of Growing Power in Milwaukee, awed and inspired a standing room only crowd during the Annual Earth Charter Summit at UW Oshkosh in 2009.


Since then, Allen’s take on growing food—“it’s all about the soil”—has really taken root in Sawdust City. GO founder and Executive Director, Dani Stolley, completed Allen’s Commercial Urban Agriculture Training Program in May 2012, as well as her Master's of Science in sustainable communities in May 2013, and a grassroots effort ensued to have GO fully operational in time for the first-ever Winter Oshkosh Farmer’s Market in Nov. 2012.



Board of Directors (as of July 2015): 


Growing Oshkosh, Inc. is governed by an 11-member board of directors.

Sarrah Larson, President

Don Stolley, Vice-President

Courtney Lasky, Secretary

Tony Mathe, Treasurer


Directors at Large:

Carter Angelo

Jessica King

Lisa Krueger

Mark Laux

Bob Poeschl

Mandy Potts

"UW Oshkosh Student Leader" position--to be filled in September 2015



Dani Stolley, Founder/Executive Director



About Us

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